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she make real money online nowTired of trying to make real money online and failing to find a REAL opportunity ?

If your answer is YES, you are going to want to read this page all the way through.

I am going to do my  best to help you out and show you how you can get started “How to Make REAL Money Online!“..The Scam-Free Way!!


THE ROAD TO SUCCESS…~If you are like most, you have tried to achieve success online but you stumble across Road-blocks.  The pieces of the puzzle just did not fit together and more than likely.

Having the chance to fulfill your dreams and accomplish your goals can be much harder than just clicking a button. I am here to help you get your business established the right way!! I have  listed here the first 3 steps to get you started in making a ideal a reality!

The methods listed here are ones that I use right now. They have been working for me and im sure with a few training lessons,can work for you also!


Want to learn how to Make Money Online and turn it into a Full-Time business?!!!..

Everyone’s “Big” question!!   Its not that complicated and there is No Secret!!!..At least not Now!!

Yes! I will show you how it is done.THE RIGHT WAY!! and it can be repeated over and over to million and millions of visitors a year to weeks and yes…even days.!!!!

beautiful-15728_640Imagine waking up everyday just to check your cellphone and seeing  how many visitors to your page and how many converted to Buyers.

But Not by Selling JUNK penis Pills! But Good Rich Flavorful Content and Research.

Think back in the early 2000′s when everyone was trying to Make Money Online or Work From Home misled LOTS of people into getting scammed,buying in on every survey or Get-Rich scheme…

Listen.. if it Doesn’t SOUND right..It Probably Isn’t!!!


How To Make Real Money Online in 3 Easy Steps

STEP ONE: Build a Website/Blog!!selection-64197_640

Creating and building a website is the first step to building a good reputation online..but also learning the skill’s needed to understand the WEB.And Through the Internet you can find people and websites that can teach you  tips and tricks alone the way.  is a great Place to start learning skills  you need to be successful.

If you like to talk about things that interests you and you love to do it, then you can make real money online.If you trust and stand by your product then it will make it that much easier.

These three  skills you need to learn when creating your website of blog

  1. Find a Niche or Topic(weight loss,video games,ect..)
  2. Find pictures related to your niche and place where appropriate.Think about it as “Interior decorating”
  3. Upload videos this helps with your “Visual” audience

Your site will  also be a  great place to gather valuable information about a particular niche in which in turn lures followers and ultimately gathering enough traffic to make real money online!

TIP~Find My  “How to build a free website” in 1 minute” Blog Post

Building a website or blog is fairly simple.Getting it ranked on Google and getting traffic is not so simple if you dont know the processes that come with those simple tasks.

Using different marketing strategies such as:Social Marketing and Pay Per Click(PPC) Marketing are two vital methods to getting traffic to your site or blog. whick brings me to my nect step/skill to start making money online free…


STEP TWO: Learn SEO!!!


In Other words Search Engine Optimization.You Need to Learn the process of tagging KEYWORDS into Relevant Quality Content to get Ranked on Google as well as other search Engines.People have to find what your saying interested and relevant to what they were looking for right?

Example: Say you want to create a website about weight loss.To properly index your site and get ranked on the major search engines such as;Google.Bing,and Yahoo, you need to have relevant keywords throughout your content.

Here is a quick Display of a good S.E.O campaign:Lets say my keywords i want to get ranked are:

Since the keyword “How to lose weight” is a very broad and highly competitive keyword, you want to use “long-tail keywords” for an Example

  • How to lose weight before Christmas
  • How to lose weight without dieting
  • Learn how to lose weight naturally

 I use a keyword tool called jaxxy.i can gather the necessary data to get ranked faster then my competition.Subscribe to my newsletter and i will give you FREE access to This amazing keyword tool.

  • (Check out this short video showing how to find the keywords for any You Tube video.HERE)

TIP~This Truly is one of the Most Important keys to building a successful website.

STEP THREE: Write Good Rich Content for your Website or This is where you put your money where your mouth is!! You can really make real money online by just doing what works. People want to know if you are really there to help them NOT and not just to sell them some CRAP.

Be interested in your Genre or Niche.have fun.i love to play PlayStation games.why wouldn’t i create a blog or website talking about games and review all the while making money online..

Example:if you are a fitness fanatic,Why not promote the health and Fitness niche? ~or if you love dogs.Why not promote Dog training/ Pet Niche? There are Ton’s of different Niches to choose from.just make sure you put a few hours in research on your Content or your products. Believe me, it will make a heck of a difference! Make your content-Your personality. In other words..Have Fun Engaging your Audiences!

TIP~ Get Paid to do what you Love to Do!

I love making money online,so thats only fair that i create a website and blog sharing what i have learned and what works for me!

Talk about things you can relate to and sell products that you would use yourself.Even if you are going to be selling it as an affiliate.


Lest say you want to create a blog site promoting Electronics for Amazon,(this apply s to if you sell your own products also)

Make sure there is a accurate description of the products and tell your viewers why they will benefit from buying that product over other competing brand or company.Make you have great images so your customers know exactly what they are getting.

Exciting Right? I know i was at the beginning and still am. I love this job.Connecting with people,Helping each other and learning while gaining Wisdom along the way.


Here are some important facts to consider when stating your own online business

  1. Fact ~ Most people who try to make real money online have unrealistic expectations and end up giving up because they don’t get rich overnight.The main  problem with most people trying to make money online is actually sticking to the method that you choose long enough to make it work.
  2. Fact  It takes Time and Dedication  to earn a significant income online.The reality is that you can learn the skills needed on your spare time without having to give up your regular  job..



So far we have learned three basic steps in how to make real money online.

  1. Build a Website/Blog
  2. Learn SEO.(Research keywords with keyword tool, jaxxy)
  3. Write content for your site/Blog

Earning a substantial income online is not a “fly by night” opportunity.You have to want to learn how to make real money online in order to succeed.Once i joined Wealthy Affiliate i started writing at a different pace.Writing engaging articles and blogs that compelled my readers and in turn made me good amount of real money.

It takes  a “Serious” and Committed  personality to accomplish the goals that you set at the beginning.How much money online do you intend to make? Set the answer to that question as your goal and don’t quit until it is accomplished! 

Your very first steps should  be guided  and surrounded by people that has done it before you.Sharing strategies that they have used currently that Work!No One likes to be lied to and “everyone” hates a scammer!

At Wealthy Affiliate you are in a huge community network of people that care about your success and not just about what you can do for them but we can help each other with.Especially with Google new algorithms and new policies when it comes to getting your website ranked.

I hope i have  help someone that really wants to have a prosperous life,spending more time with loved ones and enjoying making money doing exactly what they love doing!

Do you want to learn “how to make money blogging ?” read my lasted post HERE


Don’t be fooled by the lies of people saying i made this and that doing this and that..Whats the secret???? Most likely its a SCAM!!!



Sincerely, i hope you enjoyed me blabber about making real money online,i would love to hear some your comments ,Please list below~Also ..NO SPAM!!!

Mario IM

Senior Internet Marketer

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