Wealthy affiliate review- Is wealthy affiliate scam or not ? Let’s find out

You have heard about Wealthy Affiliate ?  Are you looking for a review that encompasses every aspect of this community ? You want to know if Wealthy Affiliate scam or not ? Congratulation ! You have already  landed on the right page. In this review I am going to tell you all about WA that I have been experiencing myself. I will show you both good things and complaints within the Wealthy Affiliate review. So that you can figure out if it can benefit or you not.

1.So what is Wealthy Affiliate ?

Wealthy Affiliate is an online community membership site established in 2005 by two young online marketers Carson and Kyle and it has become the number one community for creating and growing a successful online business.


Wealthy Affiliate is an online community membership site established in 2005 by two young online marketers Carson and Kyle and it has become the number one community for creating and growing a successful online business. Wealthy Affiliate is a marketing training website.  Wealthy Affiliate  has a platform for members to interact with one another and offer supports and guides.



2.Who benefit from Wealthy Affiliate ?

Wealthy Affiliate provides training adjusted to suit every one with different skill levels, from newbie up to skilled marketers. WA makes the program accessible for people, including those who cannot afford to pay high prices for training or have a limited budget. It is a great program for beginners.
Here are a list of audiences that will benefit from WA:

• Internet Marketers
• Online merchants
• Local business and companies
• Local marketers want to sell their own products
• A person who wants to make an extra income to supplement their salary.
• Stay at home moms who have some free time and are willing to spend it in front of the computer.
• Students who want to make money to help them pay for their tuition
• Retired people those look for an additional income
• People who want to turn their hobbies into an additional income
• People that want to build their own website looking a trusted hosting platform

3. What does Wealthy Affiliate provide you ? What are WA complaints

Here are what WA provides you:

• 2 Free Easy-to-Build Websites after joining
• Clear Plan of Action
• All levels of training for both beginner and Advanced
• Video training and tutorial Training
• Task based Courses
• Question and Answers
• Classrooms on specific topics
• Participate in interactive discussions
• Live weekly training classes
• Powerful keyword research tool
• A trusted hosting platform
• Live help
• 24/7/365 Website support
• Website feedback and comment platform
• Website Analysis

Wealthy Affiliate complaints :

• Too much information that can be overwhelming
• Not allowed to advertise or sell within the community. This should be a warning for spammers who want to join WA to sell something
• Starter membership is great , but in order to access advanced training, you will have to upgrade to be a premium member.

4. What you should not expect from Wealthy Affiliate University

WA is not some money making scheme, easy system to riches or pyramid scam. You will not get rich overnight, unless you are a skilled marketer. The platform will teach you how to make money by building a solid online business that will endure for a long time.  You do not need to build a massive down line to make money from the program.  You are not required to sell WA itself.  You can choose any niches you want, are interested in to promote by following the training.

5. What does it cost to join Wealthy Affiliate ?


As you can see in the photo above,  WA has two different membership levels: the Starter Membership  and The Premium. This is really awesome because you can join without spending a single penny, look around, meet some people, create your own websites and see how it goes. If you love it like I do – you will upgrade to the premium membership with  $19.00 for your first month or you could still build an online business using your free starter membership, no strings attached. This alone makes WA so much better than any other program or opportunity – there is no risk of losing money to something that might not work. Put your credit card away and get a free membership!

What you get with your 0$ starter membership:

• 2 free websites along with free hosting
• Instant access to over 500 training modules
• Access to 3 classrooms
• Live support from the owners for the first 7 days and support from many experts inside WA!
• 30 keyword searches a month
• Phase 1 of the Boot camp course, teaching you how to build an authority website.

Claim Your Free Membership Now!

What you get with your Premium membership ( $47 month or $359 yearly):

• Instant access to over 500 training modules
• Live Video Classes
• Unlimited free websites along with free hosting
• Website Backup and Website Security Package
• Access to all 12 classrooms
• Unlimited Live support from the owners and support from many experts inside WA!
• Unlimited keyword searches
• All phases of the Boot camp course
• 100% higher commissions.
• … and a lot more!

I have just shown you the wealthy affiliate review. Now you can see that the program is good choice for everyone to earn money from home,. If you have any question or wonder about anything, please leave your comment below. It would be my pleasure to help you. Here is my WA account, you can connect me after you sign up. I will be around there and offer you help if you want. Now just join WA for free and experience it yourself.    Join here !

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